Some Easy Basic Tipes For beginners To Start Chemistry

Some Easy Basic Tipes For beginners To Start Chemistry

क्लास 11th , 12th की शुरुआत निचे दिए गए लिंक से करे
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Class 11th
Mole Concepts

Pre basic Chemistry

Chapter 01 Some Basic Chemistry of Chemistry

Chapter 02 Atomic Structure

Chapter 03 Classification of Elements

Chapter 04 Chemical Bonding

Chapter 05 State of Mater Gases state

Chapter 07 Equilibrium

Chapter 12 Some Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry

Class 12th
start Chapter 02 Solution se kre

Chapter 01 Solid State

Chapter 03 Electro chemistry

Chapter 04 Chemical Kinetics

Chapter 05 Surface chemistry

Chapter 06 Isolation of Elements
Chapter 07 p – Block elements

Chapter 08 d- Block elements

Chapter 09 Coordination Chemistry

Chapter 10 Haloalkane

Chapter 11 Alcohols and Phenol

Chapter 11B Ether

Chapter 12 Corbonyl compounds

Chapter 13 Amines

Chapter 14 Bio Molecules

IUPAC Naming of Organic Compounds

My New Ch
Prime Chemistry Notes

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