APhO 2018 – a joyful trip

On Friday (May 11), students went on an excursion to Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. Our buses departed from the Kim Lien Hotel at 1:30 pm, starting our trip to Vietnam museum of Ethnology.

We passed through busiest streets in Ha Noi. On the way to the Museum, we talked to our friends, who come from different countries in the world, about our experience during the time in Viet Nam.

We arrived at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology at 2:00 pm. As this was the first time we had been here, it was expected to be an amazing trip. The first place we visited was the exhibition building in which we had an opportunity to learn about 54 ethnic groups of Vietnamese people as well as their artifacts. There are also pictures and documentary which portrayed all cultural aspects and creativity of Vietnamese ethnic groups.

“Viet Nam is a multicultural country. The house design is quite similar to China, it is quite like China’s old house. The Communal House (Rong House) is magnificent. This is the first time I have seen a house like this.” – says Gang Ying Cheng (Malaysia)

In the outdoor exhibition area, we were met with ten folk architecture works of Vietnamese nationalities in the past.

“I really like the trip because Vietnam has a lot of beautiful nature. Something is very common in my country such as old town and traditional clothes. Water puppet is unusual but really interesting. Also, what makes me impressed is the clothes – it is really impressive.” – emphasizes Itgel (Mongolia)

Many of us bought small souvenirs from the shops for our friends and family. We did have a successful excursion thank to organizers and volunteers’ enthusiastic support. At the photography point, everyone had fun, since the view was stunning and several selfie rounds happened. Despite the hot weather, we were all excited about joining the excursion. We will certainly share this experience with my family and friend via Facebook and Instagram. If we have a chance, we will come back Viet Nam one day. The trip to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology was unforgettable and extremely valuable!

By Hoang Anh, Tran Hong
Image: Duy Thanh

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