Relation and Function Class 12 Maths Chapter 1 | One Shot | CBSE JEE

Relation and Function Class 12  Maths Chapter 1 | One Shot | CBSE JEE

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0:00 Introduction
2:28.Empty Relation
4:14 Universal Relation
6:57 Reflexive Relations and examples
15:31 Symmetric Relations and examples
25:18 Transitive Relations and examples
31:38. Equivalence Relations
32:25 Ex 1.1 Q1 (i)
36:56 Ex 1.1 Q12
43:05 Functions
44:35 one-one (injective) Function
47:49 many-one (not injective) Function
48:27 Onto (Surjective) Function
53:15 one-one and onto (bijective) Function
53:53 NCERT Example 8
57:35 Ex 1.2 Q2 (i), (ii)
1:02:00 Ex 1.2 Q6
1:03:20 Composition of Functions
1:05:47 Ex 1.3 Q1
1:12:15 Invertible Function
1:15:47 Ex 1.3 Q5
1:19:04 Important Theorems
1:20:00 Binary Operations
1:27:47 Binary Operations: Commutative Property
1:29:10 Binary Operations: Associative Property
1:30:06 Binary Operations: Identity element
1:33:13 Binary Operations: Inverse element
1:35:58 Ex 1.4 Q1 (i), (ii), (iii)
1:37:40 Ex 1.4 Q2 (i)

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