Patent Litigation: How to Quickly Counter Assert & Negotiate

Patent Litigation: How to Quickly Counter Assert & Negotiate

Watch this excerpt from the webinar ‘A Proven Approach to Identify Quality Patents’, which explains how Sagacious IP’s automated ranking tool facilitates faster response in counter suing the plaintiff by visualizing their patent and product portfolio to identify similar patents in a time-effective manner.
Click on the link to watch full video of the webinar now:

Sagacious Research is a leading, value-driven, and, technology-focused IP research firm that provides reliable . services to the worldwide IP community. Headquartered in India, we have presence in the US, China, Japan and Europe, offering IP services to Fortune 500s, law firms, start-ups and R&D organizations.
We are local with a global reach, leveraging expertise of 300+ techno legal professionals that have successfully
delivered 12,500+ projects globally to 1200+ clients.

Our continued success relies on our capacity to attract and nurture the industry’s finest talent.
We focus heavily on employee growth through in-house skill development programs and higher education sponsorship.
Our dynamic open-door policy ensures two-way communication between employees and the leadership team.

We also prioritize employee physical and mental well being through our unique Employee Assistance Program, which focuses on the holistic well being of employees and assists employees to seek help any time of the day for any personal or work-related matter.

For us, success comes with the mark we make as an organization – on the industry, our clients, our communities
and each other.

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