Kine Master Professional Full Learning | Chapter -04 | Rashid Technical Vision

Kine Master Professional Full Learning | Chapter -04 | Rashid Technical Vision

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Information Technology “IT” is one of the fastest growing industry in today’s unstable economy. Various research shows that people related to the IT industry are paid higher as compared to other fields. Why? Because many businesses, Government organizations, Industries want to automate their business & day-to-day processes. The term Information Technology is almost always referred to computers & computer networks, but it also includes Telephones, Television, Telecom industry & even people who works in those industries.

Often times, the term IT is applied to computers and computer-based systems. However, the roots of the word technology suggest that it is a “means” to an end”. For example, using a book of matches is a means to creating a fire. The end is fire itself. A bicycle is a means of transportation. The goal of bicycle riding is to reach a destination, and perhaps also to get some needed exercise.

Consequently, when we talk about the use of technology, we must always remember that it is a means, not an end in itself. Technology in the broadest sense is the application of modern communications and computing technologies to the creation, management and use of knowledge.

IT typically refers to equipment such as computers, data storage devices, networks and also communication devices.

Information Technology means the use of hardware, software, services and supporting infrastructure to manage and deliver information using voices, data and video.

To further define information technology and what should be included as far as the IT budget, the following information is provided.

Information technology includes:
@ Managing a network of computers.
@ Creating original web pages.
@ Producing videos digitally.
@ Designing computer systems as a consultant.
@ Vendors selling products on the internet.
@ Designing 3D artwork.
@ Administering a company’s database.
@ Coding software.
@ Providing technical ..
@ Managing projects and budgets.
@ Writing technical documentation.

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