Geography Trivia Quiz

Geography Trivia Quiz

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Question 1 : If you were at Geneva Airport, in which country would you be?
Answer a: Austria
Answer b: France
Answer c: Germany
Answer d: Switzerland

Question 2 : What is the tallest mountain in USA?
Answer a: Mount McKinley
Answer b: Mount Saint Elias
Answer c: Mount Foraker
Answer d: Mount Shasta

Question 3 : What is Somalia’s capital city?
Answer a: Berbera
Answer b: Hargeysa
Answer c: Kismaayo
Answer d: Mogadishu

Question 4 : Enrique Iglesias is a singer from what European country?
Answer a: England
Answer b: Italy
Answer c: Portugal
Answer d: Spain

Question 5 : In which mountain range are the world’s ten highest mountains?
Answer a: Alps
Answer b: Andes
Answer c: Appalachians
Answer d: Himalayas

Question 6 : Where in Europe is Scandinavia?
Answer a: East
Answer b: North
Answer c: South
Answer d: West

Question 7 : Which city is not in India?
Answer a: Bombay
Answer b: Calcutta
Answer c: Islamabad
Answer d: Madras

Question 8 : The Heat and Magic are NBA teams in which state?
Answer a: Alaska
Answer b: Florida
Answer c: Georgia
Answer d: Vermont

Question 9 : What is an archipelago a chain of?
Answer a: Geysers
Answer b: Islands
Answer c: Mountains
Answer d: Volcanoes

Question 10 : The Arc de Triomphe celebrates whose military victories?
Answer a: Charles de Gaulle
Answer b: King Charles XVII
Answer c: Napoleon Bonaparte
Answer d: Robespierre

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