Chemistry: Boyle's Law (Gas Laws) with 2 examples | Homework Tutor

Chemistry: Boyle's Law (Gas Laws) with 2 examples | Homework Tutor

Chemistry: Boyle’s Law (Gas Laws) with 2 examples
For a gas, pressure and volume are inversely proportional. If you keep everything else constant, then as the pressure on a gas goes up, its volume goes down. As the volume a gas occupies goes up, its pressure goes down.

Robert Boyle stated the inverse relationship between pressure and volume as a Gas Law. Boyle’s Law says that for a given amount of gas, at fixed temperature, pressure and volume are inversely proportional. P ∝ 1/V. You can write this mathematically as P = k/V

We include two example problems worked in full.
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0:07 Definition of Boyle’s Law
1:47 Using Boyle’s Law to compare two situations (before and after)
2:12 Example 1
3:18 Example 2
4:12 Other gas laws

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