Chemical Compound Display / Oak Shelving Units……… DSNERV

Chemical Compound Display / Oak Shelving Units......... DSNERV

OK then guys and gals.
I really should be packing my bags ready for flying out of the country for the next 2 weeks right now but instead I’m doing my best to get this project uploaded and online for your viewing pleasure.
This time I gained a little bit of inspiration from the brain in more ways than one. Some shelving / display units in the shape of the chemical compounds for Serotonin and Dopamine. Two of the main chemicals that result in feelings of joy, love and happiness.
It was a bit of a bugger at times working out the correct angles to make this project but once that was sorted it proved to be a lot of fun and relatively easy build…… why not give it a try with your own favourite compound????
As always guys.
Thank you very much for watching.
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