Caesar in Gaul – Roman History DOCUMENTARY

Caesar in Gaul - Roman History DOCUMENTARY

In our animated historical documentary on the Gallic War and Gaius Julius Caesar, we will cover the war between the Romans and the Celts in modern France, and the battles of Bibracte, Vosges, Axona, Sabis, Gergovia, Alesia, alongside Caesars invasions of Britain and Germany. In these battles, Caesar and his legionaries fought against Helvetii led by Divico, Suebi led by Ariovistus, Belgae led by Galba, Nervii led by Boduognatus, Britons led by Cassivellaunus, Eburones led by Ambiorix and Arverni led by Vercingetorix. The Roman Civil war against Pompey is just around the corner.

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The script was researched and written by Peter Voller.

This video was narrated by Officially Devin (

The art for this video was created by Oğuz Tunç

Machinimas for the video made on the Total War: Rome 2 Engine by Malay Archer (

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