Studying Meiosis & Diversity | Live Review Session 4 | AP Biology

Studying Meiosis & Diversity | Live Review Session 4 | AP Biology

In this AP Daily: Live Review session for AP Biology, we will review meiosis and diversity, and focus on using chi-square hypothesis testing, identifying testable questions, making predictions & explaining biological concepts.

We’ll highlight four topics in Unit 5: Meiosis and Diversity. We will review Topic 5.2: Meiosis and Diversity and will practice identifying a testable question based on observation or data in the context of this topic. From there, we’ll move to Topic 5.3: Mendelian Genetics to examine the inheritance of genes and traits as described by Mendel’s laws and the fundamental processes that . the concept of common ancestry. Within this topic, we will focus on predicting the cause of change in the heritable information. We study Topic 5.4: Non-Mendelian Genetics to see deviations from Mendel’s model of the inheritance of traits and non-nuclear inheritance and, while looking at this content, we review how to best use chi-square hypothesis testing. Let’s explore Topic 5.5: Environmental Effects of Phenotype, which looks at how environmental factors can influence gene expression and how the same genotype can result in multiple phenotypes. We will review best practices in explaining how the same genotype can result in multiple phenotypes under different environmental conditions.

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