Solid State Class 12 Chemistry| Chapter 1 One Shot| CBSE NEET JEE

Solid State Class 12 Chemistry| Chapter 1 One Shot| CBSE NEET JEE

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0:00 Introduction
0:45 Solid State
2:09 Solid States:Classification
2:37 Crystalline Solids
4:28 Amorphous Solids
6:08 Crystalline & Amorphous Solids
16:00 Amorphous or Crystalline
16:53 Crystalline Classification
18:44 What are molecular solids
18:59 Polar & Non-Polar molecule
21:42 Molecular solids:Non-Polar
23:37 Molecular solids: Polar
25:20 Molecular solids:Hydrogen bonded
27:23 Ionic Solids
29:00 Metallic Solids
31:19 Covalent Solids
32:17 Covalent Solids:Comparison
34:28 Crystal Lattice
36:07 Unit Cell
41:02 Primitive Unit cells
42:22 Bravais Lattice:Cubic
44:01 Bravais Lattice:Tetragonal
44:52 Bravais Lattice:Orthorhombic
45:53 Bravais Lattice:Hexagonal
47:23 Bravais Lattice:Rhombohedral
48:00 Bravais Lattice:Monoclinic
48:52 Bravais Lattice:Triclinic
49:27 Bravais Lattice:Examples
53:34 Number of atoms per unit cell
54:39 Number of atoms:Unit cell:Primitive
1:00:58 Number of atoms:Unit cell:BCC
1:02:49 Number of atoms:Unit cell:FCC
1:05:17 Number of atoms:Unit cell:End centred
1:06:18 Close Packed structure
1:07:57 Close Packing:1 Dimension
1:09:02 Close Packing:2 Dimension
1:11:58 Close Packing in 3Dimension
1:12:43 Close Packing in 3D:CCP
1:13:57 Close Packing in 3D:HCP
1:19:24 Close Packing in 3D:CCP
1:21:04 HCP & CCP
1:22:28 Number of voids filled
1:26:11 Formula of Compound
1:28:52 Problem 1
1:30:42 Closed pack structure:Packing efficiency
1:32:06 Packing efficiency:CCP & HCP
1:37:35 Packing efficiency:BCC
1:43:05 Packing efficiency:SCC
1:44:51 Volume of a Unit Cell
1:47:51 Problem 1
1:52:53 Problem 2
1:55:40 Defects
1:57:31 Stoichiometric defects
1:58:47 Vacancy Defect
1:59:36 Interstitial Defect
2:00:36 Frenkel Defect
2:01:46 Schottky Defect
2:03:37 Impurity Defect
2:06:23 Non-stoichiometric defects
2:07:12 Metal excess defects
2:12:58 Metal Deficiency defects

In this video we will cover:
1.Ncert solutions class 12 chemistry solid state
2.NCERT class 12 chemistry chapter 1 solid state
3.What are crystalline solids?
4.What are amorphous solids?
5.Difference between crystalline and amorphous solids.
6.Difference between isotropic and anisotropic property of solids.
7.Different types of crystalline solids
8.Define ionic solids?
9. A compound is formed by two elements X and Y. Atoms of the element Y (as anions) make ccp and those of the element X (as cations) occupy all the octahedral voids. What is the formula of the compound?
10. Atoms of element B form hcp lattice and those of the element A occupy 2/3rd of tetrahedral voids. What is the formula of the compound formed by the elements A and B?
11. An element has a body-centred cubic structure with a cell edge of 288 pm. Density of element is 7.2 g/cm3. How many atoms are present in 208 g of element?
12. A compound forms hexagonal close-packed structure. What is the total number of voids in 0.5 mol of it? How many of these are tetrahedral voids?
13.What are defects in solids?
14.What are different category of defects?

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