Medical Information Technology – Liviu Constantinescu

Medical Information Technology - Liviu Constantinescu

Liviu will be presenting an entertaining overview of the
medical information technology field, and introducing
students to a wealth of new approaches and technologies
which will transform the way we think about our health.
Topics covered will be Mobile Health, Personalised
Medicine and Pervasive Healthcare.

About Liviu Constantinescu

Liviu Constantinescu has been a member of the
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers since
2007. He received the BIT degree with Honours from the
University of Sydney, Australia in 2006, majoring in
Software Development and Multimedia Technology.
He has worked in medical research since 1998, transitioning
from IT . to research work, and recently completed
his PhD as part of the Biomedical & Multimedia Information
Technology (BMIT) Research Group, School of Information
Technologies, University of Sydney. His research interests
include cloud computing, pervasive web-based systems
and mobile healthcare.

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