Japan introduces enhanced service and technology for global customers – ANI News

Japan introduces enhanced service and technology for global customers - ANI News

Japan, Aug 04 (ANI): Toyoko Inn has established a good reputation among foreign guests from Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, who frequently visits Cambodian capital Phnom Penh. The hotel provides Japanese style hospitality to its guests. Much emphasis has been given on cleaning the guest rooms. The staff training is also practiced in Japanese style. Attentions being paid to the details that enable the guests to have a pleasant stay, such as organizing morning routine meeting, teaching the way of greeting, cleaning of the entrance and much more. Toyoko Inn hotels are scheduled to open in Germany, France, Mongolia and Philippines. The Japanese hospitality will spread throughout the world. Tono Geoscience Center has been carrying out a wide range of geo-scientific research in order to build a firm scientific and technological basis for geological disposal. One of the major components of the ongoing geo-scientific research program is the Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory Project in the Tono area of Central Japan. Two 1,000 deep shafts and several drifts are being excavated for geo-scientific research and applicability of engineering techniques. Shimizu is conducting basic researches on geological disposal at few hundred meters underground. The researchers have encountered many issues during the construction. In Germany, the International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) attracted some 3,000 mathematics scholars from around the globe. Casio, an active participant to the event, sees calculator as a powerful tool in mathematics education. Japanese companies have enhanced their technologies to meet the latest global demands..

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