Get to know PetHub and How Their Services Can Help find Lost Pets, Interview with COO Lorien Clemens

Get to know PetHub and How Their Services Can Help find Lost Pets, Interview with COO Lorien Clemens

Do you travel with Pets? Then this is an episode you are going to enjoy. Lorien Clemens, the COO of PetHub, joins us today to talk about the many advantages and features of their pet identification tags and services. PetHub tags are ID tags that can be scanned by smartphones to receive information about your pet. Because all of the information is stored online, it can easily be updated as you travel from location to location. The other significant advantage of having the information online is you can create very detailed pet profiles. When someone scans your pet’s tag, they get to know the pet’s name, contact info, pet’s behavior, special medical needs, and so much more.

Lorien walks us through the company’s beginnings, how the idea came about and what it took to get it to the market. She also shares some astounding facts about how many pets go missing each year and how PetHub services can help reunite families with their pets even when a tag goes missing.

PetHub offers two levels of service plans. One is their basic, which is free. The other is their premium service which is $24 a year. Lorien explains the difference between the two plans. We are very impressed with what each one offers. We also thought it was great that they even have a free option. That shows how much the company cares about lost pet recovery and how to help those pets in need. We really enjoyed hearing the passion in Lorien’s voice about the company and the pets they help. It is no wonder their core values are to protect, share, and nurture.

“We believe that protection is super important, and we take it very seriously. We hope that you find us reliable and trustworthy, but at the end of the day, we’re in this because we love our pets. They bring a level of joy to our lives. We hope we can bring that level of joy when they come to PetHub.”- Lorien Clemens, COO PetHub.

If you would like to learn more about PetHub and all of its services, visit them at Use the discount code PETHUBLUV for 20% off your purchase.

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PetHub was founded in 2010 by former Microsoft employee, technical author, repeat entrepreneur, and above all, “pet parent,” Tom Arnold (more details). Since that time, the team has grown to include an incredible, talented and dedicated group of people. As Tom likes to put it, “I surround myself with smart people who inspire me and elevate the original vision of PetHub.”

In its 9-years of growth, the company has continued to impact the dismal Return to Owner (RTO) rate in the United States. “When we started PetHub, the RTO for dogs was less than 18% and under 2% for cats when they go missing. With PetHub’s ‘Pack Members’ found through its services, ~ 96% of them are home in under 24-hours. Best of all, less than 2% ever reach an animal shelter’s doors because of the many ways PetHub helps the community return an animal to its family,” notes Tom.

PetHub was the first company to launch a QR code ID tag and filed patents for that invention in October 2010. Since that time, the company has gone on to file additional patents for its software algorithms, NFC (near-field communication) ID tags, and its latest WalletCard & CrateCard

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