FNC-2021 | Session 3: Highly automated driving – how we get there

FNC-2021 | Session 3: Highly automated driving – how we get there

Some vehicle manufacturers have announced vehicles with SAE Level 3, eyes-off products in which drivers do not need to keep their hands on the steering wheel or pay attention, but must be able to take back control within a defined period of time if prompted to do so. These products with limited operational design domains (ODD) are the first steps on the path to highly automated driving. Much more is needed to reach all roads and all conditions, including:

– perception and recognition need to improve
– decision-making needs to be validated
– information availability, localization, and situational awareness need to be extended
– testing and certification needs major breakthroughs
– the specific areas where AI will be most useful require definition.

This session will gather experts from all relevant fields to present and discuss their views on the progress made thus far and the prospects for vehicles that drive themselves.

Since 2005, the Symposium on the Future Networked Car has brought together representatives of the automotive, information and communications technology industries, along with government leaders and regulators, to discuss the status and future of vehicle communications and automated driving from both technical and regulatory viewpoints.

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