Dunkirk from the German Perspective | Animated History

Dunkirk from the German Perspective | Animated History

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Great Battles of World War II by Dr. Chris Mann

The Private War Journal of Generaloberst Franz Halder – Volume IV (link)
HyperWar: The War in France and Flanders by Major L.F Ellis (link)
Report of Comparative Trials of Hurricane Versus Messerschmitt 109 (link)
Strategy For Defeat – The Luftwaffe 1933-1945 by Williamson Murry (link)

Lining Up – Experia
Live, Fight, Survive – Anthony Earls
Corner Cube – Christian Andersen
In Front of the Fort – Experia
Behind the Dusk – Trailer Worx
Thunder from the West – Zach Heyde
No Going Back – Wendel Scherer
Armchair Historian Theme – Zach Heyde

SFX by SoundRav
– Game Audio – Sound Design – Post Production


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