Church History: Complete Documentary AD 33 to Present

Church History:  Complete Documentary AD 33 to Present

History of the church from the Ascension of Jesus Christ to 2017.

Further Reading:

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Primary sources:
Father Adrian Fortescue:
Bishop Hefele’s History of the Councils:


1. Beirut is in Lebanon, not Syria.

2. At the time of the Roman Empire, Great Britain would have been known as Britannia rather than England. The name “England” was first used during the Middle Ages, referring to the tribe of Germanic Angles that settled the island after the fall of the Roman Empire.

3. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the only Marian apparition in the Americas to have been approved by the Holy See. Other Marian apparitions in the Americas have been approved by local ordinaries, including Our Lady of Good Success in Ecuador (1572), Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin (1859), Our Lady of Cuapa in Nicaragua (1980), in Venezuela (1984) and Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas in Argentina (1980s).

4. At 2:06:35, the correct spelling is “Hugh O’Flaherty”, not “O’Flattery”

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