People & country on May 7, 2018

Daniil Pavlov – Student, Russia

 I’m interested in physics, playing video game and computer programming. He’s from Saint Petersburg. There are many beautiful buildings, interesting museums, might be interesting for people travel all over the world because Saint Petersburg is the cultural capital. There is much interesting to see and visit.


Teeramet Kunpittaya – Student, India

Hi, I am Teeramet Kunpittaya. I am a student from Thailand. Happy to meet all!


Tan Wah Ken – Student, Malaysia

I love climbing and high-altitude mountain tours. My biggest interests concerning physics lies in thermodynamics and quantum mechanics.


Lee Yong Le, Issac – Student, Singapore

Singapore is very wide range of different food, a lot of different cultures. So, a lot of different kinds of foods, so you can find any kind of food that you like.