Before the exam and meet the team


Mrs. Davidescu Delia Constanta – Leader, Romani

“Some of our students are very experienced in international contest, as they participated in the International Physics Olympiad in Indonesia last year, and some of them in the Asian Physics Olympiad last year. And I hope they will achieve the good results”.


Mr. Azhybaev UlukbekLeadear, Kyrgy zstan

“Our students are from one school. They will be compared and we will make known about the Olympiad. But, you know, Asian, Vietnamese, Chinese students are very strong, so we will be happy to win bronzes”.


Mr. Tawinan Cheiwchanchamnangij – Leader, Thailand

“Well, we have other different rounds. We have several rounds for started around with many students and then we do the selection of different pieces of training. They have prepared so far. Well, we’re not expecting anything. I hope they do their best as they can. So, we will see”.



Nikita Romanov – Student, Russia

“APhO is going to be great. It’s a great experience for everyone. For me, winning is another thing, as long as I can overcome the challenge. But, it would be nice if we can get some medals”.


Laphas Proacharoen – Student, Thailand

“This competition is unlike others. It’s a good competition where everyone who devotes their life to physics gather around. We have prepared many things special for APhO, and we come here with passion and energy. I hope that I can continue joining other APhOs”.


Aghngi Nishant– Student, India

“We have trained really hard for this competition, like two days a week in an intensive class to solve the problem together. But, it is new experience for us in the competition. It’s more important for us to discover how it is, so the next year we should know how to train properly and beat the challenge”.