APhO 2018: “More than a feeling”


I think the trip to Trang An is really nice and interesting because, in China, school students do not have much time to go and travel like this. This is really a great opportunity and experience. About the whole competition, the arrangement is quite nice because we have many activities. I have to say that both the exams are difficult and challenging for me but I think it is nice and I feel very happy to join it.



I think my friendship to others is really good. It is so great that we came from different countries but we can make friend with each other, think together, dance together. For me, I have had a friend from Saudi Arabia. We have not met each other for a long time. Now we meet each other in APhO this year. I still get along with her. So I just wanna say I love the APhO Viet Nam. I love all friends, I love all participants.



The volunteer in our team is very active. She loves running around to do something like in the morning “You have to wake up. It’s 5, It’s 6.”. It is really different from the first time when I met her. At that time, she was very timid and we do not know what to talk about first. And then we tried to find some conversation to talk to her. Now, it is like no conversation can be stopped. I just want to say good luck to her study in the university. Thank her very much for supporting us all the time in Viet Nam and I feel very happy to join it.



From this morning until now it has been “so much fun”. It is so great to talk to everyone. They are so friendly. I liked Ha Noi Old Quarter. It is so colorful and vibrant. It has a great atmosphere. There are many amazing places to see there. The Hoan Kiem lake is so big. There is so much color there. It is really nice. I am making a pottery product at Bat Trang ceramic village and I have not done this kind of experience before. I am trying to make a new good looking product. It is really “cool”.



I really like the sport game we played at the HUST stadium. We played football with the Kazakhstan team. It was really good and cool. We had to make circle around the ball, and finally we won. Besides football, swimming is one of sports I love, and I was used to be a professional swimmer. My classmates and I often go to swimming pool or run at stadium. I really appreciate sport which keeps me fresh and to my physical shape. I want to talk to all participants that everything is finished, now we can just enjoy our time. Guys, don’t worry about your results and make friends with as many people as you can.



I went to the Ta Quang Buu library at Hanoi of University of Science and Technology (HUST) five days ago. It is so great and beautiful. From there, I can see different views and the overview of the town. It is really great. All people here are so kind. They seem so busy but they do all the best they can to help us. They are all interesting people. And I want to say that the APhO this year is the best event all over the world. I really wanna say thank you to the organizer from HUST, they did all the best to make our trip as best as they can. Once more time, thank you very much!



“We hope that everyone enjoys this time in Viet Nam. Moreover, we hope you have memorable moments, beautiful photos or simply memories and friendships that are sprouting from this event. If you have a chance, please come back to our country!“

By Hoang Anh, Dao Hien